ego leap – Resilience and Life-Balance

Self-management and Stress Control to optimize Personal Performance, Resilience and Lust for Life
Responsible and difficult problems demand a high resilience and creative flexibility, especially in the executive function – also long-term!Kontakt


Responsible and difficult problems demand a high resilience and creative flexibility, especially in the executive function – also long-term!
The participants will learn during this seminar how they can develop and implement individual strategies, tailored for their very own personality, in order to use and improve their own achievement potential and motivation, as well as to be able to take action under peak stress firmly and appropriately.


The universal and individual basics of personal performance. The development of unproductive or harmful stress, the physical and mental processes in situations of stress and long-term effects of negative stress.
The procedures, methods and strategies to increase personal resilience systematically and effectively.
Personal development plan and blueprint for action to control current and long-term performance and to optimize your own performance competence.


Tutorials, group work, physiological and psychological data collection and methods of testing, pulse-competence training by Dr. Kimpfler, systematic relaxation exercises by Dr. Kimpfler, exchange of experience, individual counselling of participants during the on-going training, person-to-person talks about personal development plans and blueprints for action.

Recommended: 2 trainers for diverse training situations and intensive personal and situational one-on-one counselling.


Personal Development Plan

  • Formulating your own position and self-determined behavioural targets in your blueprint for action in practice and
  • Formulating personal goals to implement your personal development plan


„I have been with Fresenius for 30 years. If not for Dr. Kimpfler, I wouldn’t have managed
and survived unscathed.
Our managers and employees are not sick as often and – even if they get sick – they recover
a lot sooner.
Our investment in ego leap Training has been paid back already within the first year.

Even more so because the insights we have gained have multiplied at our company.

Fluctuation is only at 2 percent and sick leave at 2.5 percent. Dr. Kimpfler has made a significant contribution to this cause.

After the training Dr. Kimpfler works together with each participant to prepare a personal development plan for the sustainable implementation of the training results.
Through the intensive exchange among the participants, networks have come about that are still active years after the training.

Dr. Kimpfler is very authentic, – he lives what he says and looks at least 10 years younger. He gives you sentences to keep in mind, which you gladly pass on to others.“


Dietmar Köhler
Chief Engineer and Vice President
R&D Fresenius Medical Care,